child-focused, quality care

personalised to your little one

Our team strive to make the transition into care as seamless and as supportive as possible through personalised attention to detail and adopting your child’s own daily routine.

Our programs operate using the Early Years Learning Framework curriculum

We provide fresh and nutritious meals daily to encourage healthy eating habits

Receive daily updates of your child’s busy day sent directly to your phone

joeys room

6 Weeks to 12 Months

Lead by Diploma-qualified team of Rosetta and Sulakshi, who have a combined 25 years of experience in the childcare industry, Rosetta and Sulakshi are committed to getting to know your bub’s individual needs and nurturing their ever-changing routines as they grow through their first 12 months of life.

We understand that transitioning to childcare can be a nervous and unsettling time for you and your little one, but rest assured that Rosetta and Sulakshi are the perfect team to provide your bub with a nurturing, supportive and safe connection.

wombats room

12 months to 30 months

Next door to the Joeys room is our Wombats room, and being in such close proximity to Educators Natalee and Krish will allow for a smooth and straightforward progression for your little one once they are ready to move up. Here your child will further experience the new and exciting world around them through walking, touching and exploring their surroundings. Nat and Krish are eager to listen to the goals and aspirations you have for your child and love to expand on their interests to produce meaningful learning outcomes.

koalas room

18 months to 3 years

As you move upstairs into the Centre, you’ll find our Koala room headed by Belinda, another long-term Galbiri Educator who has been with us for 10 years. Teaming with Tinika, both ladies understand the importance of fostering positive relationships and genuine connections with your child, and are always eager to interact and hear from you as parents on what is going on in your child’s life.

Fostering an environment that encourages self-help skills, curiosity, cooperation, learning, creativity and imagination, Belinda and Tinika are a passionate team to give your child stability and familiarity.

echidnas room

2 years to 3.5 years

The Echidnas room is where your little one really starts to come out of their shell and form bonds with their friends around them. Lead by the enthusiastic and vibrant Astar, your little one will be encouraged to expand on their interests and creativity through imaginative play-based learning. Astar was a former parent at Galbiri, and was drawn back to work for our community centre once she completed her studies and has been with us for almost 10 years. A conscientious and committed Educator, Astar is intent on providing your little one with a safe place to grow and form positive social skills and relationships.

possums room

2.5 years to 4 years

Our Possums room showcases our biggest outdoor play area in the centre and there is so much to see and do! Our gardens are one of our key sustainability learning areas, where we encourage our little Possums to take part in planting, nurturing and growing flowers and produce that they can see, touch and taste. Lead by the warm and welcoming Cait, Nika and Amanda, your child will build on their sense of self through societal awareness and environmental surroundings with many nature-based invitations to play.

kindyroos room

3.5 to 5 years

Our certified Kindergarten program offers a weekly swimming lesson excursion as part of your little one’s learning at no additional cost. Our Kindyroos are encouraged to choose their own adventure through autonomous play and take part in many independent learning experiences to help build their own sense of identity, connectedness and emotional well being. Lead by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, our Kindergarten program follows the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG), which provides advice for planning, documenting and assessing children’s learning and development, and our team are focused on sharing that information with parents/carers and, with consent, the school you choose for your child.

Our educational program details the activities and experiences our Kindyroos will participate in throughout the week. It also incorporates planned individual learning experiences or activities for each child in the group tailored to their developmental needs and linked to the QKLG learning areas. This program incorporates our routines and other areas that we focus on, such as sustainability and culture.

freshly made meals every day

As part of our service, Galbiri is incredibly proud to provide our children with freshly made meals served each and every day. All meals are included in your daily rates, and cover morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our in-house cook Miss Gabby is a qualified educator and recognises the importance of good nutrition in aiding your child’s physical growth and well-being. Miss Gabby is highly skilled in accommodating allergies to provide families greater peace of mind, and we welcome parent’s input when compiling Galbiri’s menu. Family recipes are welcome!

Check out this semester’s delicious and nutritious menu here.