Every Child is unique, important and part of a greater social community. By developing partnerships and a sense of trust between families, children and educators this provides the initial building blocks in creating a happy, inviting and engaging environment. Continuity, communication and support between families and educators is integral in developing this essential trust. 

We strive to provide a positive and nurturing environment where children are supported and encouraged to learn in all developmental domains without prejudice or bias. Our Learning environment encourages children to have the urge to explore and discover to develop their individual learning and potential.

Flexibility in daily routines and programs is imperative to allow each child to develop at their own pace. Our programs are derived by and reflect the multicultural society and wider community in which we live, the children’s families as well as the individual needs and interests of each child.

Our environments are safe and stimulating which enhances independence and social learning and allows children to make choices and take on new challenges. The educational programs foster children’s needs to develop language, curiosity, logical inquiry and creativity in music, movement and visual-spatial expression.

It is crucial to be responsive and sensitive to each child’s physical and emotional needs and assist in developing their self-esteem and self-help direction skills. We provide positive role modelling and interactions to show important values such as respect, compassion and acceptance of others.

We believe each individual child is a successful learner and will have the opportunity to develop their natural curiosity about themselves and the world around them while refining their skills necessary to carry them into future school programs and gain success through life. Exploration and play is a young child’s way of learning and developing.

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